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CFO’s have correctly figured out that outsourcing your SOC makes sense financially. That’s because MSSPs have an enormous advantage in the near-term analysis. The upfront cost of rolling out a functional Security Operations Center are almost entirely eliminated by the fact that the MSSP’s infrastructure and staff are already in place – all the MSSP needs to do is adapt their existing resources to the client’s particular needs.

More importantly, however, outsourcing your SOC affords operational efficiencies that in-house operations have difficulty duplicating.

MSOC+ is an end-to-end solution using a combination of proprietary and off-the-shelf software and hardware to deliver a hosted SIEM solution currently unmatched in terms of price and degree of automated response.

MSOC+ is also unique that it is the only hosted SOC service which is backed by up to $500M in coverage by our A+ rated underwriter against a hack, breach or network downtime.


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Defender-Detection Defecit

Response Time: Critical for any SOC

Using both standard and proprietary software, Abaxio reduces the time-to-respond of its Security Operations Center (SOC)’s from an average of 30 minutes to less than one minute for 80% of all ‘actionable’ security events.

This reduces the impact of any potential breach, reduces our reliance on human intervention, and increases our service level and reliability.

According to the Verizon 2015 Data Breach Investigation Report, “in 60% of cases, attackers are able to compromise an organization within minutes.”

The graph below highlights one of the primary challenges to the security industry, contrasting how often attackers are able to compromise an organization in days or less (orange line) with how often defenders detect compromises within that same time frame (teal line). Until today, the proportion of breaches discovered within days falls well below that of time to compromise. Even worse, the two lines are diverging over the last decade, indicating a growing “detection deficit” between attackers and defenders.

Cost Comparison

Abaxio prices its Managed SIEM service at less than half that of competing services.

Rhino Security Labs recently published a study analyzing the price differential between in-house vs. managed SIEM.  Their bottom line conclusion was as follows:


 In-House  MSSP  Abaxio
Upfront Costs**
 One-time MSSP fees  $     32,000  $     25,000
 Hardware and software one-time purchases  $   466,000
Total Capital Expenditure  $   466,000  $     32,000  $     25,000
Operational Cost Breakdown, 3-Year Outlook**
Annual MSSP fees  $   525,000  $   300,000
Incidental MSSP costs         20,000                 –
Software License Renewals / Upgrades       255,000
Vendor / Specialist Contractor Fees         65,000
Management Costs       295,000
Training & Certification         34,000
Asset Depreciation / Replacement       175,000
SOC Analyst Salaries & Benefits (2x FTE 24×7)       550,000
Misc. Operating Expenses           8,500
 Total Operational Costs  $1,382,500  $   545,000  $   300,000

* Published by Rhino Security Labs 2015
** Figures are averages drawn from actual RFPs generated by Rhino Security Labs.


Common sense might suggest that MSSPs will have a stronger lead in short-term scenarios, while a longer scenario can favor the in-house approach, but unfortunately this is rarely the case in practice. Prevailing conditions in the technology industry in general, and the cybersecurity industry in particular, tend to favor the MSSP approach even over ten-year timescales. Factors such as the rapid evolution of technologies and the ensuing pace of obsolescence, the difficulty of staff retention, talent shortages and the accompanying cost for employers, and the changing nature of cyber crime itself all tend to weight the scales against long term investments in infrastructure.


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