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Abaxio clients have up to $500M in cyber coverage with enhanced cyber defense

Cyber risks are a fact of life in a world of information and information systems. Any company dealing with electronic data whether it’s on mobile devices,
computers, servers or online faces such risks:–– Data loss due to compromise or human error,–– theft or loss of laptop(s) or thumb drive(s), –– network  or machine failure, hacking, malware, DDoS, etc., the list, unfortunately, is endless.

Standard Coverages for Abaxio Clients:

A sample of the coverages:

  • –Forensic Audit Expenses: Covers security assessment, to determine cause and extent.
  • –– Data Restoration Expenses: Covers restoration, recreation or recollection of electronic data.
  • –– Compliance Penalties: Covers civil fines, penalties imposed by agency, such as HIPAA, PCI, DSS, etc..
  • – Post-event Expenses: Covers event/breach communication such as letters, legal consultation, printing, mailing expenses.
  • Identity Theft Expenses: Covers call center set up, credit monitoring, victim cost reimbursement, etc..
  • –– Network Interruption (Extended Coverage only): Compensation for lost revenue.
How Costly is a Breach?

According to the most recent data available, the hard cost alone for the average cyber breach incident is $3.7M, or nearly $200 per customer record.  The soft costs are even higher. These include lost revenue (due to network interruption), tarnished corporate brand image, etc..

Cyber Coverage: A Universal Need

Every organization’s network needs to remain connected to the Internet without interruption.  As such, inherent risks have become unavoidable: From data loss on a single laptop, to a politically motivated DDoS attack.
The rising frequency of cyber breach is proof that the network and system safe guards currently in place are not enough to keep the attacks at bay.  Because of the overwhelming risk of such attacks, the only effective strategy available is to transfer the risk. Enter, Cyber Insurance.

Willing to Forgo and Take the Risk?

Don’t. According to the most recent data available, the hard cost alone for the average cyber breach incident is $3.7M, or nearly $200 per customer record.1
The soft costs are even higher. These include lost revenue (due to network interruption), tarnished corporate brand image, etc..
Cyber insurance mitigates both the financial and the reputational impact of a breach. It will provide coverage for the entire spectrum, from the data restoral to incident response services, legal and PR management. Of course, more details on the specific coverage are available upon request.

Comparing the cost of cyber policies

A Recent Cyber Quote For Texas Based Litigation Firm:
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