Anatomy of a Hack – Video of Live Presentation

Levi Staal, Abaxio, Inc.“The Anatomy of a Live Hack” – Presentation to the Illinois Technology Executives Club – 12/11/2015:


LIVE SESSION: See a network compromised before your eyes, from beginning to end – and how to STOP it.
  • Learn the social engineering trick the hacker uses to lure his victim
  • See what the hacker sees as his victim browses the compromised web site
  • Watch the hacker do his work, which culminates with getting read/write access to the victim’s C:\ drive, and then the entire corporate network
  • How to develop an effective, comprehensive strategy for Cybersecurity within the reach of even small budgets
  • Presentation is designed for non-technical audience.
Understanding the cyber threat is a key to implementing an effective strategy, and participants will walk away with a greater comprehension of the threats faced every day.

Services Now Offered with Built-In Guarantee of $50K

Update as of January 1, 2015 – Guarantee has been augmented from $50K to $1,000,000.

For our pro-active monthly subscribers (Silver and Above) , Abaxio’s Cybersecurity-as-a-Service now receive a Guarantee of $1,000,000 and more against a hack, breach or other network downtime.  The guarantee is underwritten by A+ rated insurance carriers Beazely, AIG and/or Lloyds of London, through our exclusive program offered by Benchmark Cyber Partners, Llc, Chicago, IL, USA.

For details on the program please contact us.

Abaxio Partners with A+ Rated Insurance Carrier

Abaxio has partnered with AIG® , the largest A+ rated insurance carrier in the world.

All Abaxio clients are eligible for baseline $50,000 guarantee in the case of a cyber breach.  The guarantee is backed by AIG®,
Please contact our sales office for more information.

FYI, In the event of a cyber breach, the $50K guarantee covers the following categories:

  • Forensic Audit Expenses: Covers security assessment, to determine cause and extent of event
  • Data Restoration Expenses: Covers restoration, recreation or recollection of electronic data
  • Compliance Penalties: Covers civil fines, penalties imposed by gov’t / agency, such as HIPAA, PCI, DSS,etc.
  • Post-event Expenses: Covers event/breach communication such as letters, legal consultation, printing, mailing expenses
  • Identity Theft Call Center Assistance: Covers call center set up for the affected parties
  • Identity Restoration Services: Covers expenses to restore credit
  • Identity Monitoring Services: Covers fraud monitoring of a victim’s credit and identity
  • Victim Cost Reimbursement: Covers out of pocket expenses to restore their identity


Inclusion into this program allows clients to “buy-up” (add additional coverage) to more regular limits of $3-4 M or more at a substantial discount, exclusively through Benchmark Cyber Partners, an Illinois registered Insurance producer.